POTUS – Arena Stage

“Jacobson, a stalwart on D.C. stages, gets one of the best comic parts of her career… It’s also an opportunity for her to show her range, for at the same time Harriet embodies the exhaustion of an underestimated political survivor.” Washington Post – Peter Marks

“Jacobson’s embodiment of this put-upon, and yet still ostensibly devoted, Chief of Staff is one of the most believable performances I have had the privilege of watching.” – MD Theatre guide.

Shakespeare In Love

“Naomi Jacobson gets the Judi Dench award for stealing the show in mere moments as Queen Elizabeth.” Nelson Pressley – The Washington Post

The Critic/Real Inspector Hound

Jacobson is superb – Washington Post

Jacobson shines – Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Bad Dog

Jacobson is amazing and a pistol as she lends a voice to a generation that was once silenced by divorce and/or alcoholism.

Richard III

Naomi Jacobson, one of Washington’s keenest actors, is magnificent as Queen Margaret. Metro Weekly

Naomi Jacobson’s portrayal of the mad Queen Margaret sends shivers down your spine.          The Cavalier Daily

Another vibrant performance. Talkin’ Broadway

Naomi Jacobson’s Queen Margaret is a revelation…DCMTA


The revival’s heart beats especially tenderly, courtesy of the superb contribution of Naomi Jacobson, the admirably restrained work here of Jacobson not only skirts the more cloying possibilities, it also ensures that we experience fully the force of the show’s poignant authority. –Peter Marks, The Washington Post

Local stage great Naomi Jacobson handles the sophisticated strains and emotional heft of the songs with style and artistry. – DC Theatre Scene

Mary T & Lizzy K

“Naomi Jacobson conveys the darkening willfulness in Mary’s nature, and gets juicily at Mary’s streak of arrogance.”
Washington Post – Peter Marks

“Jacobson is capricious and thoroughly unlikable as Mary Todd Lincoln, fluttering around the stage with the nervous anxiety of a basket case but with a cruel capacity to wound.”
Washingtonian Magazine

Jacobson’s galvanizing portrayal…she commands the stage from the start and never loosens her grip. Her thoroughly natural performance makes Mary remarkably touching.
Baltimore sun – Tim Smith

“Jacobson’s attention to detail in showing Mrs. Lincoln’s range of emotions at any given moment is something that should be commended. Her stage presence and charisma made scenes something to watch simply to admire her skill.”
Broadway World – Jennifer Perry

View From The Bridge

“Naomi Jacobson is impressively in control as ever.”
The Washington Post

“Outstanding, a sharp and emotionally affecting performance.”
Potomac Stages

“Aching yet tough, bitter and sweet.”
Arts & Entertainment

“Rock solid…Jacobson’s comic timing is spot on.”
DC Theatre Scene

“An incisive portrait of a determined woman.”
Broadway Regional News & Review

Death of a Salesman

“Naomi Jacobson makes a full blooded character out of the sketchy role of Willy’s Boston girlfriend.”
Broadway Regional News & Review

“A splendid Naomi Jacobson in the climactic hotel memory scene.”
Curtain Calls

The Unmentionables

“Naomi Jacobson in a keenly acidic performance …a very funny compendium of every acquisitive, licentious and self dramatizing gesture we recognize as features of a peculiar brand of American solipsism…she seems to have stepped into Africa directly from the petites department of Nordstrom. Jacobson adroitly conveys something at once risible and monstrous: the cold hard core under Nancy’s soft shell.”
The Washington Post – Peter Marks

“Naomi Jacobson, the perennially versatile actress covers new comic ground with her brilliant obnoxious Nancy.”
The Examiner

“Jacobson is a petite blond dynamo, …her performance is a comic marvel.”
The Baltimore Sun

“Jacobson delivers a bravura, tour-de-force, presto tempo performance.”
DC Theatre Scene


“There’s both a solidity and vulnerability in Jacobson’s personable Widow that at once make her feelings seem authentic and yet allow for the possibility that she’s on the brink of drowning in her delusions.”
The Washington Post – Peter Marks

“Ms Jacobson shines…at times bitchy, funny and touching in her exploration.”
Curtain Up

“Jacobson’s Widow is a creature of lightning mood shifts, smiles fading in mid-syllable, eyes brightening with hope even as she’s descending into an anxiety attack.”
The City Paper – Bob Mondello

“Miss Jacobson’s interactions with Mr. Shiffman are so hilariously abandoned that you alternately wince at the sight of them and applaud their nerve.”
Washington Times

“Jacobson is a pure delight.”
Potomac News

“Her acting effortlessly turns from riotous physical comedy to heartfelt sorrow.”
DC Theatre Review

Raised in Captivity

“Jacobson gives a zero-to-60-in-one-second comic performance.”
The Washington Post – Lloyd Rose


“Naomi Jacobson has a wickedly wayward way with brittle cocktail chatter, then breaks your heart without a word.”
The City Paper – Bob Mondello

“Jacobson adds a welcome sensual charge to the proceedings.”
The Washington Post – Peter Marks

The Psychic Life of Savages

“Naomi Jacobson plays (her) as a boozy sexpot, and it’s another one of Miss Jacobson’s beautifully nuanced, sharp yet vulnerable portrayals.”
Metropolitan Times – Nelson Pressley

“Jacobson, whose performances get deeper and bolder every time she appears in a play, is a sexy shrugging Anne, brittle but also lazy, drifting rather than plunging toward her destruction.”
The Washington Post – Lloyd Rose

Two Gentlemen of Verona

“Naomi Jacobson is a riot…a brassy gossip with a broad Jersey accent.”
The Washington Post – Nelson Pressley

Big Love

“Jacobson is a veritable goddess of wrath. Have you ever seen Jacobson pull off a tantrum-ballet? … don’t mess with an irate Jacobson.”
Washington Post – Chip Crews


“There are some riotous sex scenes….and Jacobson is in her comic element.”
The Washington Post – Lloyd Rose

“Jacobson makes his wife at once kittenish and sex-crazed, overflowing with a desire that seems to surprise her…”
The City Paper – Bob Mondello

A Hard Heart

“It is fascinating to watch Naomi Jacobson, one of Washington’s most fearless comic actresses in such an oratorio driven work.
The Washington Post – Pamela Sommers

“When Jacobson’s ramrod posture fails her in the second act…her collapse is harrowing.”
The City Paper – Bob Mondello

Scenes From An Execution

“Jacobson’s spirit and humanity loosen the rigid corset of Galactia’s integrity and the production is better for it.”
The Washington Post – Lloyd Rose

“The feral nature of Jacobson’s Galactia, (makes) her sexual aggression explosively immediate. Her love-making scenes are painfully real, at once passionate and hurtful, sexy and filled with contempt.”
The City Paper – Bob Mondello

“Miss Jacobson is an unstoppable torrent of defiance and dissent as Galactia.”
Metropolitan Times – Nelson Pressley

The Silent Woman

“And what pleasures are on display! Naomi Jacobson’s Madame Haughty is a poisonous bonbon packaged in blue-black and orange.”
The City Paper – Trey Graham