Public Speaking / Presentation Coaching

  • Food and Drug Administration – Multi-tiered workshops
  • Pine Rock Productions – Corporate Clients
  • On Trial Associates – preparing witnesses for deposition and trial
  • College Of Preachers – Weeklong Workshops
  • Acting For Lawyers – classes
  • Small Business Owners
  • Political Pundits

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I work with professionals and leaders in all areas to identify and clear the obstacles to dynamic, effective communication.

-on stage, on camera, behind a podium, in a boardroom, at a conference table, in interviews, presentations (and even dinner table negotiations).
The first step to becoming an authentic, influential communicator is to be aware of the issues that block your natural energy. By shifting your focus, you can cultivate specificity and a confident presence when you speak in public.  Create a powerful message…and be heard

Naomi’s guidance is practical and soul-affirming all at once, and no matter your calling, she guides you in building personal strength and a sense of excitement for the future. Her insight into human nature is profound, and her style of personal support can be a life changer. I highly recommend her intelligent and uplifting approach to work, life and personal development.
– Neha Kashyap

Naomi created a safe space; she helped me remove personal blocks and achieve my goals. Naomi met us where we were and guided us down a path of personal growth. Her guidance and wisdom was priceless. I left with more than I could have ever imagined.
– Saron Araia

We love to bring Naomi to our clients because we know they’ll get insightful, practical and transformational coaching. She gives people what they need to move from “before” to a way better “after.” No hype. All results.
– Jane Beard Founder InVisible Light: Conscious Speaking

I always know I can rely on Naomi for precise, thoughtful advice that I can immediately put into practice. She helps identify and clear away fears or habits that are keeping you from your best work. When I felt lost or uncertain, sessions with her have been life-savers, allowing me to feeling better equipped and more confident.
– Gwen Grastorf

Her enthusiasm is infectious and her wisdom is inspiring, I left feeling encouraged and challenged and excited about the work.
– Emily Morrison, Board President, the Actors’ Center

Naomi is a very attentive, inventive coach who shares her own wealth of knowledge. She is delightfully challenging and wonderfully supportive and patient. If you have the chance to work with her, do it!
– Carol McCaffrey

Naomi gives me the tools to go after what I want. I always treasure my time spent with her.
– Stephanie Tomiko

I am much more confident and assertive as a result of working with Naomi. She helped me to find my voice and trust my own instincts, and she safely, courageously, and passionately guided me towards recognition of my own artistic spirit.
– Jenna Zhu

Naomi is a consummate professional who is always accessible, direct, and a pleasure to work with.
– Brent Stansell, Theatre Educator and Training Programs Manager at the Shakespeare Theatre Company
Washington DC

Naomi is a superb coach who always goes the extra mile and makes every moment matter.
– Peg Nichols