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Becoming Dr. Ruth

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park: Jan/Feb 2021
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Helen Hayes Awards Co-Host with Felicia Curry: TBD


Acting Through Yourself

6 weeks
July 23 – August 27
6:00pm – 8:30pm

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Acting is not about being someone different, it’s an expansion of your Self. Learn how to use your emotional awareness, physical instrument and intellect to embody a character and create a unique human being. Through monologues that you’ll rehearse on your own and share with your classmates and instructor via Zoom, you’ll explore and stretch your boundaries to bring characters to life.

Inside the Actor’s Process

5 weeks | 90 minutes
Dates: TBD
Time: TBD
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Learn in a real-time, virtual, small group setting with Naomi Jacobson, one of DC’s finest actors and master teachers. Step into an actor’s process and learn about the techniques used to interpret a script, personalize language and make the audience believe that everything spoken is an original thought, not memorized text. Take a peek into how an actor uses personality, experience, vulnerabilities, and attributes to create deeply complex, fully realized, emotionally connected characters.

This is not an acting class (and no prior acting experience is required), however students will have chances to try out some of these techniques and deepen their understanding of the work they see on stage. (A script purchase is required, and is not included in the tuition of this course.)